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COM460IP is a BMS-Ethernet-Gateway that is used to convert data from the Bender-BMS bus into TCP/IP protocols. The integrated web server can be used for simple and fast presentation of data from BMS systems  on any PC via a web browser with Silverlight™ Plugin. Additional software need not to be installed. Depending on the stage of expansion, the following functions are supported:

Basic device

  • Representation of BMS data using a standard web browser with SilverlightTM plug in
  • Representation of current measured values, operational and alarm messages
  • Time synchronisation for all BMS bus devices
  • Integrated Ethernet switch: 2 x RJ45, 10/100 Mbit/s
  • LCD for simple address setting
  • Operation possible optionally via the internal or external BMS bus
  • Access to all devices connected to the BMS bus using the web server
  • Modbus TCP data access to BMS addresses 1…10 of the first internal BMS bus
  • Password-protected device menu
  • History memory for 1000 entries
  • 12 data loggers, freely configurable with 1000 entries each.

Function package A – Individual messages

  • Assignment of individual texts for devices and measuring points (channels).
  • E-mail notification to various user groups in the event of alarms and system faults.
  • The e-mail address of the sender being displayed can be entered.
  • Device failure monitoring
  • Report function saves measured values and settings. Saved settings can be compared with the current settings made on the COM460IP.

Function package B – Modbus TCP expansion

COM460IP can be operated on the internal or external BMS bus.

  • More BMS addresses can be displayed via the Modbus TCP server when used in the external
  • BMS bus, up to 98x150 BMS devices can be monitored (98 BMS devices external,150 BMS devices internal)
  • Up to 150 BMS devices can be monitored on the internal bus
  • From an external application (e.g. visualisation software) commands can be sent to BMS devices.

Function package C – Parameter setting

  • Fast, simple parameter setting of BMS devices using the web browser
  • BMS devices, other than COM460IP, can only be parameterised when the gateway is operated on the internal BMS bus
  • Report function saves measured values and settings when the gateway is operated on the internal BMS bus. Saved settings can be compared with the current settings made on the COM460IP. The saved settings can be reloaded into the COM460IP.

Function package D – Visualisation

  • Fast and simple visualisation without any programming. For example, measured values or alarms can be arranged on a floor plan and visualised.
  • Displaying an overview the contents of which takes up more than one page. Jump to another view page and back to the overview page.
  • A graphical representation with the scaling of the time axis for the data logger of COM460IP and compatible Bender devices.
  • System visualisation: Displaying several gateways (COM460IP, CP700) on one website. Displaying common alarms of the devices. Clicking on a device being displayed will open its web user interface.


COM460IP compatibility list

No longer available

Do you already know our new product generation:

  • Features
  • Applications
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  • Ordering information
  • Downloads
  • Modular, expandable gateway between BMS bus and TCP/IP
  • Gateway between BMS bus and Ethernet
  • Range of functions customisable through options
  • Remote access via LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Commissioning and diagnostics of BMS bus systems
  • Optimum presentation and visualisation of device and system statuses supported by Silverlight™ functions in the web browser
  • Adapted system overview according to individual system description
  • Selective notification to various user groups in the event of alarms
  • The use of professional visualisation programs permits conversion of BMS data to Modbus TCP protocols
  • Observing and analysing communication-capable Bender products, such as RCMS, EDS and MEDICS® systems
  • Simple and fast parameterisation of BMS systems, storage and documentation of settings


Variants of COMTRAXX® COM460IP

Basic deviceSupply voltage/frequency range USSupply voltage/
frequency range US
for UL applications
Power consumptionArt. No.
AC/DC 76…276 V */
AC 42…460 Hz/DC
US AC 76…250 V, 40…150 mA, 42…460 Hz

US DC 76…250 V, 10…35 mA
5…40 VA/3.8 WB95061010
DC 16…94 V
AC 16…72 V, 50…60 Hz
US AC 16…72 V, 80…200 mA, 50…60 Hz

US DC 16…94 V, 20…120 mA
≤ 4 VAB95061020
* Absolute values

Function package (software license)
PackageArt. No.
Function package A:
Individual texts for devices/channels, e-mail in the event of an alarm
Function package B:
Modbus TCP server with max. 14700 BMS nodes
Function package C:
Parameter setting for BMS devices
Function package D:
Visualisation of BMS devices

Downloads for COMTRAXX® COM460IP



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