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W…/W…-8000 series

W…/W…-8000 series

W… and W…-8000 series measuring current transformers of the are highly sensitive mea­suring current transformers which measure AC currents and convert them into evaluable measurement signals, in combination with RCM series ground-fault monitors resp. RCMS series ground-fault monitoring systems. In addition, the measuring current transformers can be used in combination with ground-fault locators (EDS) for IT systems. They are designed to measure the test current generated by a PGH locating current injector or an ISOMETER® IRDH. In combination with EDS series ground-fault locators the test current is converted into evaluable signals. Connection to the respective devices is via a two-wire cable.

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  • W… measuring current transformers
  • For RCMS460/490 residual current monitoring systems
  • For RCM420 residual current monitors
  • For EDS440, EDS460 and EDS490 insulation fault locators

  • W…-8000 measuring current transformers
  • For EDS441, EDS461 and EDS491 insulation fault locators
  • for insulation fault locators (EDS)


Optional accessories for W…/W…-8000 series

TypeWidthArt. No.
Snap-on mounting for W20-W35, W20-W35-800043.5 mmB98080501
Snap-on mounting for W60, W60-800050 mmB98080502

Variants of W…/W…-8000 series

TypeInternal diameterMounting
DIN rail
Mounting brackets
Art. No.
W2020 mm××B98080003
W3535 mm××B98080010
W6060 mm××B98080018
W120120 mm--×B98080028
W210210 mm--×B98080034
W20-8000*20 mm××B98080009
W35-8000*35 mm××B98080017
W60-8000*60 mm××B98080027
* For EDS461/491 and EDS473/474 series insulation fault locators

Downloads for W…/W…-8000 series



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