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  • Automatic ground-fault location
  • Application main circuits
  • 12 measuring channels for measuring current transformers
  • CT connection monitoring
  • Universal system concept

The ground-fault locators ISOSCAN® EDS44x are used in connection with the ISOMETER® iso685-D-P or the locating current injector PGH to locate ground faults in ungrounded power supply systems (IT systems).
They detect locating current signals generated by the ground-fault monitoring device iso685-D-P or IRDH575 or the locating current injector PGH and evaluate them correspondingly. Up to 12 measuring current transformers can be connected to an EDS44x. In total, up to 21 ground-fault locators can be connected via an RS-485 interface (BS bus protocol) and thereby up to 252 outgoing circuits can be monitored.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Accessories
  • Ordering information
  • Downloads
  • Universal system concept
  • Modular design, therefore easily adjustable to the given circumstances
  • Measuring current transformers available in various sizes and versions
  • CT connection monitoring
  • 12 measuring channels for measuring current transformer series W…, WR…, WS…, W…AB
  • Fault memory behaviour selectable
  • Configuration possibilities enable individual adjustments
  • Up to 21 EDS insulation fault locators in the system, 252 measuring channels
  • Response sensitivity: EDS440 2…10 mA, EDS441 0.2…1 mA
  • AC residual current measurement with configurable response value
  • Two alarm relays with one N/O contact each
  • N/O or N/C operation selectable
  • External test/reset button via digital inputs
  • Indication via iso685-D-P or LEDs
  • Central indication of faulty outgoing circuits
  • Serial interface RS-485, BS bus address range 2…90
  • Connection to higher-level control and visualisation systems possible
  • Insulation fault location in AC, 3AC and DC IT systems
  • Main circuits and control circuits in industrial plants and ships
  • Diode-decoupled DC IT systems in power plants
  • Systems for medical locations


Optional accessories for ISOSCAN® EDS440

TypeSupply voltage USArt. no.
DI-1PSM (RS-485 repeater)AC/DC 24 V ± 20 %B95012044
DI-2USB (interface converter RS-485/USB) with USB cableSupplied by USB interfaceB95012045
AN471 (power supply unit for DI-1 or DI-2)AC 230 V 50/60 Hz /
AC, DC 20 V
Snap-on mounting W20…/35…B98080501
Snap-on mounting W60…B98080502

Measuring current transformer for EDS440

TypeInternal diameter/mmDesign typeArt. no.
WS20x3020 x 30split-coreB98080601
WS50x8050 x 80split-coreB98080603
WS80x12080 x 120split-coreB98080606

Alternative measuring current transformer from the Bender program

TypeInternal diameter/mmDesign typeArt. no.
WR 70x175S70x175rectangularB911738
WR 115x305S115x305rectangularB911739
WR 150x350S150x350rectangularB911740
WR 200x500S200x500rectangularB911763
WS 50x80S50x80split-coreB911741
WS 80x80S80x80split-coreB911742
WS 80x120S80x120split-coreB911743
WS 80x160S80x160split-coreB911755

Variants of ISOSCAN® EDS440

TypeSupply voltage US*Response valueArt. no.
EDS440-S-1AC/DC 24…240 V2…10 mAB91080201
EDS440-L-4AC/DC 24…240 V2…10 mAB91080202
*Absolute values

Downloads for ISOSCAN® EDS440



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