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  • Ground-fault monitoring device for AC and DC IT systems
  • Application main circuits with connected frequency converters
  • Isometer disconnecting relay for the operation of several ISOMETER®s in interconnected IT systems
  • Display and control function for EDS ground-fault location systems
  • Can be extended to operate as equipment for ground-fault location

Die ISOMETER® der Serie IRDH575 überwachen den Isolationswiderstand von ungeerdeten Stromversorgungen (IT-Systemen). Sie sind universell in 3(N)AC-, AC/DC und DC-Systemen einsetzbar. In AC-Systemen können auch umfangreiche gleichstromgespeiste Anlagenteile vorhanden sein, z. B. Stromrichter, Umrichter oder thyristorgeregelte Gleichstromantriebe. In Verbindung mit den Isolationsfehlersuchgeräten der Serie EDS4… bzw. den dazugehörigen Messstromwandlern kann mit dem IRDH575 eine Einrichtung zur Isolationsfehler­suche aufgebaut werden.

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  • Universal application in 3(N)AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems 20…575 V/340…760 V
  • Response range 1 kΩ…10 MΩ
  • Info button for the indication of various parameters and the system leakage capacitance
  • Comprehensive self-monitoring function including system fault alarm relay
  • Internal/external test and reset button
  • Two separate alarm relays, N/C or N/O operation selectable
  • Backlit plain text display 4 x 16 characters
  • RS-485 interface
  • Data memory, disconnection from supply and 0/4…20 mA current output
  • Can be extended to an insulation fault location system for max.1080 circuits
  • Adjustable locating current for insulation fault location
  • Appropriate for EDS4… insulation fault location systems
  • AMP measurement method
  • Insulation resistance monitoring in IT systems
  • Localisation of insulation faults with additional insulation fault locators EDS4…


Optional accessories for ISOMETER® IRDH575

Protection against dust and moisture
TypeDimensionsArt. No.
Panel sealing, degree of protection IP42144 x 96 mmB98060006
Transparent cover, degree of protection IP65144 x 96 mmB98060007

Adaptor for rail mounting

TypeArt. No.
Adaptor for rail mountingB98060010
The adaptor allows fast mounting of the IRDH575 on a DIN rail according to IEC 60715.

Measuring instruments

TypeMeasuring rangeDimensionsArt. No.
9620-14210…20 mA96 x 96 mmB986841
9620S-14210…20 mA96 x 96 mmB986842

Variants of ISOMETER® IRDH575

TypeNominal system voltage UnSupply voltage USArt. No.
IRDH575B1-427AC / DC 20…575 VDC 19,2…72 VB91065502
IRDH575B1-4353(N)AC / DC 20…575 V*AC 88…264 V / DC 77…286 V*B91065500
IRDH575B1-4227**3(N)AC / DC 20…150 V*DC 19,2…72 V*B91065505
IRDH575B1-4235AC / DC 20…150 VAC 88…264 V / DC 77…286 VB91065504
IRDH575B2-4273(N)AC 340…760 V / DC 340…575V*DC 19,2…72 VB91065506
IRDH575B2-4353(N)AC 340…760 V / DC 340…575 V*AC 88…264 V / DC 77…286 V*B91065503
* Absolute values ** Measuring voltage Um 10 V

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