ISOMETER® iso1685DP/isoHV1685D/isoLR1685DP

ISOMETER® iso1685DP/isoHV1685D/isoLR1685DP

  • Insulation monitoring device for AC 1000 V and DC 1500 V IT systems
  • Application main circuits with connected frequency converters
  • Separately adjustable response values 200 Ω…1 MΩ
  • Display and control function for EDS insulation fault location systems
  • Can be extended to operate as an insulation fault location system

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  • ISOMETER® for IT AC systems with galvanically connected rectifiers or inverters and for IT DC systems (IT = unearthed systems)
  • Automatic adaptation to the existing system leakage capacitance
  • Combination of AMPPlus and other profile-specific measurement methods
  • Two separately adjustable response value ranges of 1 kΩ…10 MΩ for Alarm 1 and Alarm 2
  • High-resolution graphical LC display
  • Connection monitoring (monitoring of the measuring lines)
  • Automatic device self test
  • Graphical representation of the insulation resistance over time (isoGraph)
  • History memory with real-time clock (buffer for three days) for storing 1023 alarm messages with date and time
  • Freely programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • Remote setting via the Internet or Intranet (COMTRAXX® gateway)
  • Worldwide remote diagnosis via the Internet (made available by Bender Service only)
  • RS-485 interface for data exchange to other Bender devices

  • iso1685DP-425
  • measuring insulation faults 200 Ω…1 MΩ

  • measuring insulation faults 20 Ω…100 kΩ

  • measuring insulation faults 200Ω …1MΩ at mains voltages AC 2000 V, DC 3000 V

    iso1685DP-425 and isoLR1685DP-325
  • Locating current injection for selective insulation fault location
  • Indication of the insulation faults selectively located by the EDS system
  • Parameter setting of EDS systems
  • Customer-specific texts for each measuring channel
  • Extensive systems up to AC 2000 V/DC 3000 V which are designed as IT systems
  • Low-resistance applications from 20 Ω


Variants of ISOMETER® iso1685DP/isoHV1685D/isoLR1685DP

TypeResponse value rangeNominal system voltageSupply voltage*Art. No.
isoLR1685DP-32520 Ω…100 kΩAC 0…690 V / DC 0…690 VDC 18…30 VB91065803
isoHV1685D-425200 Ω…1 MΩAC 0…2000 V / DC 0…3000 VDC 18…30 VB91065805
iso1685DP-425200 Ω…1 MΩAC 0…1000 V / DC 0…1500 VDC 18…30 VB91065802

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