• Alarm indicator and test combination according to IEC 60364-7-710; DIN VDE 0100-710: 2002-11
  • Visual and audible indication of operating status and alarm messages from EDS, RCMS and MEDICS Bender systems as well as from third-party systems
  • IT system monitoring equipment can be tested using the programmable test button
  • DI400 - Expansion module for Bender monitoring systems, which exchanges data via BMS bus

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  • Visual and acoustic signaling of operating status and alarm messages
  • Display of measured values and setting of limit values for monitoring purposes from BMS-capable Bender monitoring systems


  • Expansion module for Bender monitoring systems exchanging data via the BMS bus

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  • Display of operating, warning and alarm messages from Bender monitoring systems according to DIN VDE 0100-710: 2002-11, IEC 60364-7-710 and other standards
  • Plain text display with illuminated LC display (4 x 20 characters, 8 mm)
  • Indicator light with 3 LEDs to differentiate between normal status / warning and alarm messages
  • Acknowledgeable acoustic alarm
  • Pre-defined message texts for Bender monitoring systems EDS, RCMS and MEDICS in 21 national languages
  • 1000 further freely programmable message texts
  • Programmable test button
  • Simple parameterization via menu (German / English) or PC program (USB interface or bus)
  • History memory with real-time clock for storing 1000 warning and alarm messages
  • Bus technology for easy installation and low fire load
  • 16 digital inputs (option)
  • 1 programmable relay (option)
  • Versions for flush-mounted and surface-mounted installation as well as door and cavity installation
  • Reflection-free, multicoloured film
  • Closed surface for a high standard of hygiene
  • Visual and acoustic signalling of alarm messages from Bender systems EDS, RCMS and MEDICS.
  • Meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0100-710 with regard to messages from switching devices and IT systems as well as test functions for IT system monitoring.
  • In the normal operating mode the MK800 shows the operational readiness of the system.
  • Display and visualisation of operating, warning and alarm messages
  • Central display of measured values
  • Operation and parameterization (setting of limit values for measured value monitoring) of BMS subscribers (EDS, RCMS)
  • The plain text display makes this information easy to understand.
  • The MK800-11 version contains 16 digital inputs with which messages from other trades can be recorded and displayed on the MK800, e.g. from medical gases or ZSV systems.


Optional accessories for COMTRAXX® MK800

TypeDesignationArt. no.
UP800Built-in housing for MK800B95100110
BR800-1Cover frame silver for MK800B95100111
BR800-2Cover frame white for MK800B95100112
TMK-Set V4.xxSoftwareas internet download
TMK History V3.xxSoftwareas Internet Download
USB Driver Software for MK2430, MK800 and TM800Softwareas Internet Download

Variants of COMTRAXX® MK800

TypeDisplayDigital inputsHousingArt. no.
MK800-11LCD & 3 LED16B95100100Built-in housingB95100100
MK800-12LCD & 3 LED-- flush-mounted housingB95100101
MK800A-11LCD & 3 LED16Wall mountedB95100102
MK800A-12LCD & 3 LED-- Surface mountB95100103
MK800AF-11LCD & 3 LED16 Surface mount, front doorB95100104
MK800AF-12LCD & 3 LED-- Surface mount, front doorB95100105
MK800E-11LCD & 3 LED16Built-in unit without housingB95100106
MK800E-12LCD & 3 LED-----Built-in unit without housingB95100107
DI400-113 LED16Wall mountedB95100113
DI400-123 LED-- Surface mountB95100114

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