25 2/2017 | MONITOR | As a leading manufacturer of Isolated Power Supplies (IPS), fully automatic switching devices from the ATICS ® series as well as Touch Control Panels (TCP), Bender provides a wide-range of products to ensure the electrical safety of newly constructed and refurbished medical locations. Bender UK is a subsidiary of the German Bender Group and in Great Britain, besides Bender products, it also offers turnkey packages including planning, installation, project management and the delivery of components. The port- folio furthermore includes Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), surgical lights, pendant supply units for power supply and the supply of rooms with medical gases as well as ultra-clean air systems installations. In Great Britain and Ireland, Bender equipment and Bender technologies are installed in more than 500 NHS and private hospitals. Bender UK not only attaches great importance to consulting and sales, but also to the service available to customers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and the technical support provided. Bender UK also offers a five-year warranty, on parts serviced annually, and main- tains both Bender and third-party equipment as part of its comprehensive service offering. Bender UK worked on the Ulster Hospital project in Belfast together with the general contractor, the GRAHAM-BAM partnership, and the electrical con- tractor Blackbourne Integrated M&E. Ulster Hospital's new inpatient ward block for treating patients has been equipped with a variety of Isolated Power Supplies and Uninterruptible Power Systems by Bender UK. Based on country-specific standards and norms, IPS are supplied via a cable from a UPS. Whilst the UPS and the connected battery installation can ensure the security of supply in the event of power failure at the hospital, this system does not provide any protection against failure of the cable itself to the IPS. For this reason, the failure safety of conventional IPS, is limited due to the existence of only one single supply cable between the hospital's power source and the IPS. Given the critical nature of this type of power supply, any failure of this cable could endan- ger patients' lives as well as result in considerable malfunctions and costs. This single point of failure was the catalyst for the development of ATICS ® . This made it possible to supply the IPS via two independ- ent cables from two independent power sources. The primary supply is the preferred power supply during normal operation of the IT system. In the event of failure, the ATICS ® switches over to the secondary supply within 0.5 seconds. This complies with the requirements of HTM 06-01*. It is important that the power supply system is fail-safe in all circumstances and the security of supply must be ensured at all times. Isolated Power Supplies (IPS) and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) * HTM 06-01 Health technical memorandum 06-01: electrical services supply and distribution