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El interfaz de comunicaciones BMS-Ethernet COM461MT integra un servidor Modbus TCP que convierte los datos BMS para gestionarlos con un cliente Modbus. Un servidorweb permite configurar el COM461MT. 
Interface Ethernet-TCP/IP:
La conexión se realiza a través de dos conectores Ethernet. 
Interface BMS:
El COM461MT puede operar como esclavo o como master.

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  • Setting of the IP address, BMS address and time/date using Standard web browser
  • Time synchronisation for all BMS bus devices
  • Integrated Ethernet switch: 2 x RJ45, 10/100 Mbit/s
  • Can be operated on the internal BMS bus
  • Modbus/TCP data access to the internal BMS bus, max. 150 BMS devices
  • Commands can be sent from an external application (e.g. visualisation software) to BMS devices and measured values read.
  • The use of professional visualisation programs by converting the BMS data to the Modbus/TCP protocol
  • Observing and analysing Bender products that support communication, such as RCMS, EDS and MEDICS® systems


Variantes de COMTRAXX® COM461MT

TypeSupply voltage/
frequency range US
Supply voltage/
frequency range US
For UL application
Power consumptionArt. No.
COM461MT AC/DC 76…276 V*/
AC 42…460 Hz/DC
US AC = 76…250 V, 25…60 mA, 42…460 Hz

US DC = 76…250 V, 6…21 mA
≤ 6,5 VAB95061021
*Absolute values

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