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  • Automatic ground-fault location
  • Application control circuits
  • 6 measuring channels
  • Integrated measuring current transformers
  • Universal system concept

The ground-fault locator EDS151 in conjunction with the ISOMETER® IRDH575 or the locating current injector PGH, are designed for ground-fault location in ungrounded power supplies (IT systems). The locating current pulse generated by the ISOMETER® IRDH575 or the locating current injector PGH are detected using the integrated measuring current transformers and evaluated by the ground-fault locators. The integration of six measuring current transformers in an EDS151 permits all current-carrying conductors of an outgoing line to be routed through. The response time for an alarm message inclusively indication on the respective display device is max. 8 s (e.g. MK2430/MK800). A total of 88 EDS151 devices can be connected via an RS-485 interface (BMS protocol). Hence, up to 528 circuits can be monitored. Activities on the BMS bus are indicated by an alarm LED.

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  • Insulation fault location in AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems
  • 6 measuring channels with measuring current transformer per EDS151
  • Up to 528 measuring channels can be combined by the BMS bus in the IT system being monitored: 88 x 6 measuring channels
  • Response sensitivity EDS151: 0.5 mA
  • A response time of up to 8 s in the AC system acc. to IEC 61557-9
  • RS-485 interface with BMS protocol
  • BMS address range 3…90
  • Cyclical self test
  • Insulation fault location in AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems
  • DC main circuits in industrial plants, power stations and ships
  • IT systems for medical locations and control circuits


Optional accessories for ISOSCAN® EDS151

TypeSupply voltageOutput voltageArt. No.Note
AN410AC 90…264 V, 47…63Hz*
DC 120…370 V*
DC 24 V, 420 mAB924209Supplies up to six EDS151
AN430AC 85…264 V, 47…63Hz*DC 24 V, 1300 mAB924208Supplies up to 20 EDS151
AN450AC 230 V, 50…60 HzAC 20 V, 500 mAB924201Supplies up to six EDS151
AN450-133AC 127 V, 50…60 HzAC 20 V, 500 mAB924203Supplies up to six EDS151
* Absolute values of the voltage range

Variants of ISOSCAN® EDS151

TypeSupply voltage*Art. No.
EDS151AC 17…24 V, 50…60Hz/DC 14…28 VB91080101
* Absolute values of the voltage range

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