Thu Dec 13 17:52:50 2018
Thu Dec 13 17:52:50 2018
ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW–925

ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW–925

  • Insulation monitoring device for mobile, insulated elevating work platforms
  • Protection when working on overhead lines under voltage
  • Continuous insulation monitoring during operation
  • Storage of data for verification of insulation condition
  • Graphical representation of the insulation resistance over time (isoGraph)

The ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW-925 is designed for insulation monitoring on elevating work platforms/overhead catenary vehicles. Voltages of up to 1500 V make working on live overhead lines for local transport vehicles particularly hazardous. To protect operatives, overhead catenary vehicles are equipped with 2 insulation levels. Pollution, ageing or damage to these insulation levels can cause the current to be perceptible to people and presents an electrocution hazard.

The isoHR1685DW-925 makes a valuable contribution to improving the safety of work carried out on live systems of this kind.

The device is installed in the vehicle, where it continuously monitors the insulation level and notifies operatives immediately whenever defined insulation levels drop below defined thresholds during the approach, and both before and during maintenance work. Both insulation levels can be monitored.

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