Testing and Support Services

NFPA requires testing of isolated power systems in healthcare facilities. Isolated power systems must be kept in peak condition to ensure safe conditions for both patients and staff. BENDER offers a complete range of services to ensure peak condition of these systems, as well as to ensure certification of meeting requirements of NFPA, NEC, and JCAHO regulations and standards. Services include the following:

Checkout Services

BENDER provides complete checkout services for new installations of isolated power panels and systems by qualified BENDER technicians. Checkout services include:

  • Inspection of panel/room for leakage, correct wiring, proper ground continuity, proper polarity of receptacles, and possible voltages on fixed metal surfaces
  • Inspection of Line Isolation Monitor for proper operation
  • Start up testing
  • Training hospital staff on care and use of isolated power systems
  • Certificate of successful checkout with printed test results
  • Certification of Limited Warranty on BENDER isolated power panels

Consulting Services

BENDER's expert engineers will guide you through the steps involved in designing and effective and safe isolated power system.

  • Customized application assistance for each job
  • Recommended solutions to maximize system performance and minimize cost

Periodic Testing and Certification

NFPA 99 requires periodic testing of isolated power systems in healthcare facilities. BENDER's testing and evaulation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Measurements of hazard current and system impedance, both resistive and capacitive
  • Applied fault testing to the system
  • Line isolation monitor testing and calibration
  • Annunciator and alarm testing
  • Verification of proper equipment grounding

Complete, bound documentation of all testing and evaulation reports and results is provided.

Retrofitting Services

BENDER provides complete services for upgrading isolated power systems by upgrading obsolete or defective line isolation monitors of any make or model to the BENDER LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor. BENDER provides a comprehensive retrofitting solution through evaluation, upgrade planning, and implementation. Our engineers will assist you through the entire process without the need for a complete panel replacement. Upgrading to the BENDER LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor helps eliminate issues due to aging systems, as well as reducing testing cost.