COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

  • Complete system overview in web browser or on integrated display
  • Parameterisation of all Bender devices
  • All Bender communication interfaces
  • Various display sizes available (7" and 15.6")
  • Future-proof technology

The COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series features a condition monitor with web interface and a display, which is available in different sizes. All Bender devices can be connected via the integrated interfaces. In addition, third-party devices can also be integrated into the system. The measured values, parameters and all other data can be checked and parameterised via the web interface or the display. There is a wide range of options for indicating and visualising alarms. Due to the robust surface and design, there are no limits to the application scenarios.
Condition monitor CP915-I available as of Q3/2022

Existing interfaces:

  • RS-485: BMS, Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet: BCOM, Modbus TCP, SNMP, PROFINET


You can find out more about the advantages of the COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series here.

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  • Display size 7" and 15.6" with tempered and anti-reflective glass
  • Easy to clean and disinfect, degree of protection IP54
  • Screwless mounted front plate
  • Condition monitor for Bender systems
  • Integrated modular gateway between Bender systems and TCP/IP
  • Remote access via LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Support of devices that are connected to the internal BMS bus, via BCOM, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP
  • Individual visualisation can be generated, which can be viewed via the web browser or on the display
  • Silent due to operation without fan
  • High-quality representation with excellent contrast, high resolution and a wide viewing angle
  • Possibility of graphical integration of building plans or status display in photo quality
  • Visual and acoustic notification in the event of an alarm
  • Monitoring and parameter setting of all Bender products that support communication
  • Mounting in the control cabinet door so that all information is immediately visible
  • Commissioning and diagnosis of Bender systems
  • Remote diagnosis and remote maintenance
  • Control stations in all areas
  • Monitoring and analysis of data centres


Mandatory accessories for COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

TypeDescriptionArt. No.
CP9xx-I replacement plug kit--B95061910
CP9xx-I suction lifter*--B95061911
CP907(-I) surface-mounted enclosure setSurface-mounted enclosureB95061915
STEP-PSPower supply units - DC 24 V/1.75AB94053111
* The suction lifter is required to remove the display of the CP915-I

Variants of COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

Complete devices
TypeDisplay sizeSupplyDevice dimensions
(W x H x D)
WeightEnclosureDisplay unitArt. No.
CP907-I7" (17,6 cm)DC 24 V, < 15 W226 x 144 x 78 mm1,1 kgFlush-mounting enclosureGlass, tempered, whiteB95061031
CP907-I7" (17,6 cm)DC 24 V, < 15 W226 x 144 x 65 mm1,0 kgControl cabinet door mountingGlass, tempered, whiteB95061032
(available as of Q3/2022)
CP915-I15,6" (38,6 cm)AC 100…240 V, < 30 W505 x 350 x 92 mm6,1 kgFlush-mounting enclosureGlass, tempered, whiteB95061033
(available as of Q3/2022)
CP915-I15,6" (38,6 cm)AC 100…240 V, < 30 W505 x 350 x 92 mm6,1 kgFlush-mounting enclosureGlass, tempered, greyB95061034
(available as of Q3/2022)
Scope of delivery: Display unit, control cabinet door mounting or flush-mounting enclosure incl. mounting plate with electronics, CP9xx connecting cable and plug kit. Note: A suction cup is required to remove the display (see accessories)

Individual components
Device seriesTypeArt No.
CP907-I Flush-mounting enclosureB95100140
CP915-IDisplay unit whiteB95061090
CP915-IDisplay unit greyB95061110
CP915-IFlush-mounting enclosure incl. mounting plate with electronicsB95061092

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